New York Classical Music Society Asia

In 2016, NYCMS expanded to Asia where several of our renowned international Artists reside. Our NYCMS Asia Artists have studied and performed all over the world. Concerts are held annually in South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and China. 

Executive Director: Lynn Czae

Secretary of Administration and Concert Manager:

SeungHee Cha ,DMA

Hwi Hwang ,DMA

YouKyoung Julia Yoon ( Assistant Manager )

Director in China: Leah D. Li 


HoYoung Pi ( Violin)

YooKyung Min (Violin)

Ja Eun Koo (Pianist, Advisory)

JoonCha Kim(Conductor)

HyungJun Kim (POP Composer, Music Producer, Executive Resident Composer)

Jaesu Park, DMA -(Resident Composer, Advisory)

SeungHee Cha, DMA (Soprano)

SungKoo Kang (Tenor)

Seunglee Choi (Resident Accompanist)

Jaehee Choi (Clarinet)

Chan Uk Kang (Cello)

Chulmin Auh (Cello)

Takao Furihata (Violin)

YouKyoung Yoon ( Violin) *

Dokjin Oh ( Viola)*

NYCMS Asia Chamber Ensemble

* Young Artists