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Master Class, Private Lessons

Don't miss the chance to get lessons from our world renown Artists and Masters! 



SungSic Yang ( Violin)

David Leibowitz ( Conductor of New York Repertory Orchestra)

Lynn Czae ( Piano)

Robert Watt (French Horn)

Peter Ovtcharov ( Piano)

Artur Kaganovskiy (Violin)

Simon Shenghua Hu (Violin)

Emilio Colon (Cello)

Fedor Amosov ( Cello)

SungEun Hong (Cello)

Giovanni Ricciardi (Cello)

Denis Sungho Janssen ( Guitar)

Erwan Richard ( Viola)

Ian Maksin ( Cello)

Evelyn La Quaif ( Voice)

 WooKyung Kim ( Voice)

Hugh Sung (Piano)

Dmitry Rachmanov (Piano)

Roberto Russo (Piano)

Enrico Elisi ( Piano)

Gabor Farkas  (Piano)

Victor Paukstelis ( Piano)

Sebastian Forster (piano)

Vittorio Forte (Piano)

David Oei( Piano)

Maurizio Moretti ( Piano)

Sandro Russo ( Piano)

Jongdo An ( Piano)

Eszter Szilveszter (Viola)

Lynn Czae (Piano)

 And many More . Please contact us for more information.

For Detail Information email:

1. Masterclass (3 -5 students )

2. Orchestral Part group lesson - Strings only 

3. Private lessons

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