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Founded in 2004 by world-renowned concert-pianist, pedagogue, and impresario Lynn Czae, the New York Classical Music Society, NYCMS, has quickly become one of the world’s foremost organizations in presenting today’s elite classical music’s performers before the international public. Annually, NYCMS presents concerts, master-classes, lecture-recitals, orchestral events, festivals, and operas, which are just a few of the many activities held across continents.


Drawn from amongst the pre-eminent performers in their respective fields, NYCMS’s roster includes distinguished pianists, string and wind virtuosi, conductors, composers, and rising stars of song and opera. Events and festivals are held in cities all over the world - New York City, London, Seoul, Paris, Edinburgh, Venice, Milano, Genoa, Kyiv, Bern, Geneva, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Hanoi, Hochiminh etc. 

NYCMS is a fully incorporated, non-profit organization, collaborating regularly with some of the world’s leading Arts institutions including the: Milano Metro Orchestra, New York Repertory Orchestra,Chamber Music Society of Southern California, Seoul Chamber Ensemble, Bartok Society of California, Central Florida Wind Chamber, Erato Ensemble, Dawn and Dust Festivals, and United Artist Guild. In addition to its main focus, the genres of Film, Cinematography, Visual Arts, and Jazz number among the aesthetic directives of the organization.

Board of Directors

Lynn Czae - President and Executive Director (2004- )

Hugh Sung - Official Spokesperson 

                     - International Advisory 

                     - Public Relation  Film  Director 

David Oei , - Concert Director (2022 -)

Sol Jin,- Concert and Competition Director ( 2024-)

Rick H.Heymann - International Relation  (2017-)

Giovanni Ricciardi - Artistic Director, Italy and Advisory, Italy (2020- ) 

Leah D. Li - Director of Competition and Director of NYCMS China (2014- )

Camilla Radford-Furman -  NYCMS France Orchestra Manager  ( 2016-)

Robert Butts , DMA-  Concert Advisory 

David Leibowitz  - Orchestra  and Concert Advisory , New York 

Stanley Alexandrowicz , DMA-  Artistic Director, New Jersey (2013- )

​Young June Park, Ph.D. -   NYCMS Asia CFO

Stefano Micelli -  Advisory, New York

Jesse Pieper - 2024 NYC < Fete De La Musique Festival> Director

Affiliated Groups

New York Repertory Orchestra
American Modern Ensemble
Baroque  Orchestra of New Jersey
Bartok Society of California
Liszt Society
Central Florida Wind Chamber
Erato Ensemble -Korea
Seoul Chamber Ensemble
Schott Music London
Chency International Music Festival
Naxos  Record
Riverside Chamber Orchestra( Florida)
Hochiminh City Ballet Symphony Orchestra and Opera
Klangakademie Hamburg ( Germany)
National Opera America
Associazione di Promozione Sociale Italian Cello Consort
DoAm Art Hall / Art Center Seoul/ DoAm Gallery Seoul, Korea
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